Funny lists

A volcano of passions or funny lists about casinos

As you know, slot machines are intended for those who want to disperse from everyday routine. Sometimes it can be considered also as just have fun, and, with a lucky coincidence, earn extra money.
Currently, progress in this area has reached unprecedented heights. The usual machines for playing in their classic form in all respects give up the position of virtual casinos. At the same time, interest to the origins of automatic gaming devices is not weakening.
We chose the TOP-5 of the most interesting information about the game machines, both past years and today’s days.
1. Who are the founders
There are two versions of who invented the first slot machine for the game:
a) according to the first of them, it’s Fi named Charles (I told about it earlier) with his famous “Liberty Bell”;
b) in another version, it’s Schulz, named Gustav, the creator of the no less famous “Horseshoe.”
Fay’s machines were at one time so popular that envious people even stole them from the bars. Stolen cars competitors modernized and established the production of their own machines.
2. Automatic devices for the blind
Now people with vision problems can play in the slot machines. On them, using the Braille font, the values of the buttons are indicated. Therefore, and the results of the game are announced with special signals. About the blind players first took care of the company «Bally Gaming Systems». The initiator of the creation of specially designed slots machine for blind players was a famous musician – the legendary Ray Charles. He noted that the game allows him to feel himself a full-fledged person. By the way, with a large win, the compositions of this musician are played.
3. About fraud
Over $ 500 million dollars in the forties of the 20th century have lost many of the casinos in America. And it despite the constant and careful observation of the players of their masters. There were no violations in the behavior of visitors. Later it turned out that a group of guys realized that when they tug on the pen of the slot machine, after the same time intervals of winning, it was repeated again.
4. The distance between automata
In Germany in 2008, the law regulates the distance between automatic machines not less than one meter. The purpose of this restriction is to make it impossible to play on 2 machines at the same time.
5. Fruit Theme
Because of the ban on slot machines in the 20s of the last century, a certain Gerber Mills creatively supplemented and transformed the appearance of “one-armed”. The machine sterted to issue coins in exchange for all sorts of prizes.
Prizes were candy with fruit filling. There was a lot of diversity: cherries, watermelons, bananas, lemons and others. This innovation has allowed to circumvent the prohibitive norms of the law and continue business.