Online casino

Online casino

The starting point in the history of online casinos is considered to be 1994. Then the first playground – Gaming Club appeared on the Internet. However, lovers of gambling did not hurry to give preference to virtual space. It was very unreliable for potential users at that time to have virtual space for hunting for luck. It took several years for players to appreciate the virtues of virtual sites. Only after 5-7 years the online casino gained its recognition and gained wide popularity. Over the past two decades, the world of online casinos has developed very rapidly. New virtual clubs have emerged and improved early, which have formed a worthy competition for stationary casinos.

The history of online casinos is full of interesting and significant events:

Year 1996 – based on the platform MicroGaming the legend of the virtual game world – 32 Red Casino opens.

Year 1997 – the casino has opened. The initial income of which was only a couple of thousand dollars a day. However, after ten years by 2007 they had grown to millions. The success of the first online casinos, roused the virtual world.

Year 1998 – the first jackpots. Winnings consisted of all players’ bets, they were constantly growing, until a certain darling of fate won them. The Internet casino is undoubtedly due to the CryptoLogic software, as well as to MicroGaming. Then on the proscenium appears Boss Media, the platform of this provider. Its allowed for one virtual table to play the game simultaneously to several players.

1999 – since then, the company Playtech is beginning to actively enter the market of gambling software, becoming in time its largest supplier.


PlayTech, using the technology of video chat, made an online game available with a live dealer. The player could now see the dealer’s actions on his screen and the Internet games became much more exciting.

What is the reason that online casinos are becoming more popular every year? One of reason you can download it and play from you PC like here 32 red download.

It seems that this is their availability, because in all sorts of online games – roulette, slot machines, of course, poker – users can easily play for free.

In addition, slot machines for online games are becoming more diverse and more colorful. Games regularly appear with ever new fascinating stories that are taken from popular movies and comic book stories. Important here is the player’s comfort and the security of virtual playgrounds.

In addition, a positive role in the development of this business was played by the creation of eCOGRA, an international non-profit organization. It was designed to guard the interests of users of online casinos, which significantly increased the players’ confidence in the casino. The main goal was contributed to their growing popularity among Internet users.