Slot machines

Slot machines: how it all began

19th century: the beginning

Everything was beginning with the notion of the American auto mechanic Charles Augusta Fay. In 1887 he invented and first manually assembled in his workshop a machine for the game – “Liberty Bell”.

The first slot machine Liberty Bell used 5 cent coins and was mechanical. This apparatus had three drums, that includes 5 symbols. He had no buttons, but only a lever that made the drums rotate. His first automaton Charles successfully leased.

Charles Fai continued to constantly improve his offspring in the 20th century. Eventually, in 1907 the firm “Mill Novelty Company” acquired his first automatic machine. Since then, the “Bell of Freedom” became known to the general public, gain popularity among users not only in gambling establishments. They were played in bars, as well as in ordinary stores.

20th century: mechanics replaced by electronics

The principle of work, invented by Charles Fay, for many years was typical for other gaming machines of other manufacturers in the 20th century.

Since the 70s of the last century, slot machines of a new generation began to be equipped with electronic chips. It generated random numbers that determined the outcome of the speed of the drums. Electronics became a revolution in the segment of the gaming devices market. Therefore, in the 80’s all casinos began to switch to the use of the newest slot machines.

Slots machines were regularly improved, and by the end of the last century video slots were already in demand. However, at first they were not as popular as automatic machines equipped with a drum.

At present, drum machines do not actually meet. In modern slots they are already playing without a lever, they do not have a drum either. The process is really simple: machine has a built-in computer chip, the slot has a control button and a monitor with a kind of rotating drums.

With the development of gaming zones – casinos on the Internet, slot machines have reached a new level. They began to improve at an accelerated pace, as slots are regularly updated and new unique games appear.

Video slots in their modern form are much more practical than their predecessors, the offered games are more interesting, colorful and diverse.

With the advent of video slots, online casinos on Internet portals have the opportunity to connect gaming machines into a single network. Especially it constantly equip them with attractive jackpots.